Guess whose back back by popular demand!? So its been a busy few months as your man was travelling half way around the world on honeymoon aka Bajela World Tour living my best life with my beautiful new Wife. We created some awesome memories and stayed at some pretty cool spots along the way. I did not foresee how much online attention our honeymoon would get (shout out to The Shade Room and Bella Naija) but so many people have said to me ‘your honeymoon looked LITTT…you must have spent a fortune‘ or ‘how much did you spend so I can start saving‘.

So I thought let me dispel some myths and drop some millionaire mindset knowledge nuggets on how you too can have a 5* holiday without paying the 5* price. Just like me 🙂

Free ticket please – How to get free (or almost free) airline tickets

My Wife and I love to travel! Last year she went to nine countries (a few multiple times) and
took 23 flights, this year so far she has been to 11 countries. Not to mention, she has already surpassed the hashtag #30countriesby30.

Travelling can be expensive, so a cheap flight is great, but a free flight is even better. So my British Airways ticket to Malaysia (Honeymoon destination one) was free, you are probably wondering hmm how? Well read on to find out the five ways I managed to achieve that:

  1. Rack up reward points and air miles

If you are a frequent flyer, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join an airline loyalty program where you earn points for each flight. For example British Airways reward points system is called Avios. Most airlines are part of an airline alliance that allows you to transfer your miles with one carrier to another. For example the One World Alliance includes British Airways, Qatar Airways, Cathy Pacific, American Airlines and many more. This means you are not stuck with one airline but have the freedom to fly with other airlines which maybe cheaper.

Tip: Never book a flight without a frequent flyer number.

Although cryptocurrencies get all the headlines, I personally see reward points as the big online currency of the future. Points can be used for flights, hotels, upgrades, car rentals, Netflix, Spotify and can be given to friends and families as gifts just like real cash! Christmas is around the corner so perhaps an idea for your Secret Santa!

  1. Spend

Well not excessively but if you don’t travel often, not to worry. You can earn points which can be converted into airmiles by spending on your credit card. For example, I have an American Express BA credit card and for every £1 I spend, I earn 1.5 points for a British Airways flight. Furthermore you can get extra points for shopping at household names like Asos or John Lewis which means you are rewarded for your own spend. Most likely, your probably already shopping at these places with no reward for your hard earned cash. So lets start getting rewarded for when we splash the cash.

Not sure about having a credit card? Let’s get something straight. I have heard people saying ‘I will never get a credit card because of debt’, my Wife was one who held those views. She was super against having one and saw them as an enabler of debt, however if you pay off your balance every month like I do, then it’s basically the same as using your debit card but you are rewarded for spending. Not to mention the other benefits that having a credit card brings such as increasing your credit score (provided bills are paid on time).

  1. Get credit card sign up bonus

Most credit cards which have airline reward programmes offer sign up bonuses. For example, with the American Express Premium BA card you can earn 25,000 bonus Avios points when you spend £3,000 in your first three months of Card membership. That is a free return flight to Europe. The more points you have the further away you can travel. If you refer someone, you also get bonus points each time. That’s not it, if you switch to another American Express card, you can earn bonus points all over again and there is no limit placed on the number of times you switch cards.

So putting that in practice I constantly refer my Wife all the time. She uses the card for six months and then I refer her for another one. She does the same for me so we winning double double.

Tip: You can get the bonus points time and time again because Amex see you as a new customer provided you have not had the same card for six months. Happy days!

So if you do decide to go for one ask your friend to refer you. Also always remember to pay your balance in full and only spend on items that you need. In other words spend on the necessary items that you would have spent otherwise on your debit card. Do not excessively spend just to get points.

  1. Companion voucher

So I was able to get a free ticket using the 2 for 1 offer on the American Express card after spending a certain amount within the year. The amount required varies for example for the BA premium Card, its £10,000. It sounds like a lot of money and it is but as we were spending money for our wedding then we knew we could amass this total.

If you don’t spend that much in a year, not to worry. Other large purchases on the card can help to rack up the expenditure for example booking work expenses, group holiday bookings, car insurance premiums etc. I remember once I was out for my friends birthday meal at a fancy London Steakhouse. There were about 10 of us or so. After we chopped all the food a few of us including me were jostling to pay the bill with our credit cards. The waiter was shocked because in all his time he had never seen young men so eager to pay a hefty bill. It made me laugh but we were all clued up on the value of the points hence we were maximising on every opportunity. Obviously only do that if you have good reliable friends that will actually pay you back the money!

  1. Complain when necessary

Last but not least, I am a firm believer in ‘you should get what you paid for’, a certain someone gets embarrassed when I complain but if you are not happy with the service offered on a flight or with a delay, say something. You may get rewarded with points like my Wife did after a 2 hour delay on a flight back from Kenya.

Alternatively, if your credit card provider messes up on dealing with something on your account then complain and take any compensation in reward points not cash. It is far better to get 5,000 reward points than £50 compensation as the spending power of 5,000 points is far greater than £50. Remember it would take you some time to accrue 5000 points from having to spend £5000 from a £1 to 1 point model.

These extra points will count when you are able to upgrade from Economy to Business class or for a nicer room at a hotel.

So yeah there you have it. I had an amazing time on my Bajela World Tour with the Wife. We got a free flight to Malaysia, which allowed us to book a cheap ticket to the Maldives, we stayed in two luxury hotels in Bali using points to pay rather than cash and was able to get flight upgrades and hotel upgrades all at the same time.

And that’s how you have a 5* holiday without the 5* price.

Happy travelling!

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  1. AJ
    October 29, 2018 / 9:50 pm

    Amazing advice

    • Mr Millionaire Mindset
      November 11, 2018 / 10:49 pm

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you found it useful!

  2. November 12, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    I absolutely love this post 🙌🏾 I have an American express card (cash back). After reading this I applied for the British Airways card and will start making use of it once it arrives so that I can start racking up those air miles wisely 😊

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