About Me


Welcome to MrMillionaireMindset, a community for young ambitious adults striving for financial prosperity. This is a place of education designed to offer practical advice, guidance and tools to help you create and build wealth. Whatever your financials goals are, whether it’s to buy a house, start investing, develop more than one income stream or you just want to become wealthy but don’t know where to start…well we have them covered. I felt so passionate about helping people from all walks of life achieve financial success that I decided to lead the way and just set up this platform, MrMillionaireMindset!

A little about me…

My story is simple – A twenty-something year old, God fearing black man from London, I have been fortunate enough to have worked in one of the world’s largest global banks for the majority of my career so I have acquired a lot of knowledge about money. Throughout my career I have met some very wealthy individuals with a lot of money and it made me wonder what does it really take to become wealthy? I mean have you ever heard of a poor banker? Me neither. However I have heard of bankers going bankrupt so I quickly learnt the difference between being rich and having long lasting wealth. And decided I wanted the latter and started to train my mind.

With the skills and knowledge to hand I started to create financial goals, create budgets and really started to take control of my finances. It is that which led me to source out financial management books and with some useful advice from my colleagues I started investing which allowed me to develop other sources of income. So here I am today with several investments and not living from pay check to pay check. And it all started with financially educating myself and thinking like a millionaire.

What else…

Oh yeah so I also currently study at the University of Oxford. Yes the real Oxford! My experiences and how it has developed my millionaire mindset is a story for another day (and yes I will share it). But let me say this, I learnt that it is very important to invest in yourself whether it be financially, professionally or personal time into something; especially while we are still young. Please find me a wealthy person that did not invest first in them self.

So I decided to go back to university on a part-time basis to complete my Masters degree. It has been a huge investment of time and energy whilst still working full time. The struggle has been real but I remain determined and focused with the ultimate goal of improving my knowledge and educating myself. I have met some incredible people and without the correct mindset I had from the start this would not have be possible.

So how did MrMillionaireMindset start?

It all started in the summer when my youth pastor asked me to give a talk about finances to the 20-30s young adults group in my local church. I guess looking at it from his perspective it was an easy choice because everyone knows I work in a bank. At first I was not keen on the idea because I was so busy with work and my studies. I thought ‘oh my’ another request for my time which I don’t have – and anyways why I am considered an expert just because I work for a bank? Anyways after some encouragement from my fiancee saying ‘you got this’ and ‘why you fronting you are an expert!’ I decided to rise to the challenge and take up the offer.

After some preparation I delivered the talk (for about 45 mins) and the feedback really blew me away. People were coming up to me after asking me for more advice and how they were really blessed by the content. Honestly I never really expected it. And what I found personally more interesting was that everything I spoke of was things I have been doing for ages and was really nothing ground breaking to me.

So I started thinking again, the knowledge I have acquired is due to my personal and work settings. Not everyone in the room has had exposure to this so that’s why they were so blessed. A few days later I was still thinking to myself, is it fair that I have all this knowledge without sharing it? Is that what God wants me to do? How can I continue being a blessing to others?

Well no guessing the answers there! And from that day forth MrMillionaireMindset was born.

My hope for you…

I believe everything starts off with the mind. The mind controls our thoughts, behaviours and actions! When it comes to money management and wealth creation having the correct mindset will determine whether you succeed or fail. After all why should you be blessed with more money when you don’t have the correct mindset to value the money you have now? So I want to share my tips, inspiration and share some great success stories with you to help you on your own journey to financial success. I hope you will be motivated and inspired along the way as we develop your mind into a mindset of a millionaire!

Joey Bajela (Founder)